How Do I Fix a Printer Driver Not-Installed Error?

Printers are facing several error codes these days that lead to printer errors. One common name being the " can't install printer driver" error is causing the users a lot of inconveniences.
Some of the causes of the printer error codes may include working include a corrupted or incompatible driver, you may have not updated the driver, or the settings of the driver are not configured correctly, and so on.
You can easily fix this driver error either by updating the printer driver or by reinstalling the printer driver. Read the blog till the end to find out how.
Way to fix the driver error
By reinstalling the printer driver
  • Visit the official web site of the particular printer firm and search for printer drivers.
  • Choose the right driver for your specific printer model.
  • Download the driver to install it. Make sure that you restart your device after you install the driver.
If you still have the CD that came with the printer, then it would be even easier for you to install the driver. Just simply insert the disc and follow the directions given on the screen to complete the process.
By updating the printer driver
  • You will need to access a pop-up menu by clicking on the start button from the bottom left side of your screen.
  • Open the search bar and type update. You may have to select all programs from your search result list, depending upon your windows version.
  • Now, click on the windows update option to check for updates.
  • From there, you may have to select the updates yourself depending upon your windows version, click ok afterward.
  • Now, from the windows update page, click on install updates. You have to select the view available updates option the same way and then click on install to install the driver that you want.
  • You may also need to provide some sort of password. Enter it and wait till it's installed.
For any more queries, visit the nearest printer repair shop.